Sydney 2014 – Day 9 – 25th January – Toukley to Katoomba

Today’s activity was the drive. For variety we followed the road through The Entrance to Gosford and then followed major highways for the rest of the way. The only bit of excitement was when I took a wrong on ramp in the western suburbs of Sydney and ended up with the sun on the wrong side of the car. But a quick exit and reorientation and we were headed in the right direction again.

Last time we travelled the road to Katoomba there was road works at many places. Most of the work is now finished with only one section still under construction, but after crossing the Nepean River it is up hill all the way , so was a slow journey.

It has been a quiet afternoon. Well, as quiet as a caravan park is when full of families for a long weekend and when it borders a cricket ground where there shouts and cheers whenever a wicket fell. We back onto the community kitchen so meal times are rather noisy. But we are quiet!

Ruth and I honeymooned here almost 52 years ago so there will be some nostalgia in the visit. Driving down the street today much is still the same as then but there is new development as well. When we were here all that time ago we did not have a car, so we now plan to visit some outlying places that we were not able to visit then.

Stand by for the story!

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