A Gathering of Angels and War Birds

Those who read the post about our recent visit to Temora for the Tenth Anniversary of the establishment of Angel Flight in Australia, will recall that the event was held in conjunction with a demonstration day at the Temora Military Museum, during which aircraft dating back to the start of World War II did demonstration flights.

I was in paradise that day. I love aircraft, particularly noisy aircraft and we had plenty of noise that day. I took a great deal of video. This was the point at which the video functions of my camera started to give trouble but I managed to salvage most of the clips. I have now edited them into a video that has been loaded to YouTube so that you can join me in my enjoyment of the marvel of flight and all the noise that goes with it. The link is below. If the link does not respond to clicking with your mouse just paste it into the URL field of your browser.


A few days before, we had spent two days at the Western Plains Zoo at Dubbo, where I also took a great deal of video material. I am about to edit it into a series of short videos to upload to YouTube and will post links for you as I progress with that task.

Ruth and I are hoping to get away for another month during the next three months, but that will depend on Ruth’s damaged knee. Physiotherapy has helped but there is still some distance to go. We will keep you posted.